Design Question

Does a museum only needs to represent art? Why when you think of a museum you only think of art museum?

Design Intention

The museum is imagined to become a space for exhibiting the history of jails and how does the system behind the bars work.

Site Analysis

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 10.41.07 AM.png


site plan

The centre of the site plan is Arthur Road jail. It is surrounded by the local residential.





Here is one of the observation how the people live there. How the people are living their normal regular life with their daily routine going to office doing their house work using the space between their home and jail to dry and hang their clothes. How they are having their task/ functions just beside the jail where people are living their life of deary monotory in the confinement of a prison cell.

So in this drawing i tried showing the movement of the local people and their vehicles. How these road around the jail is their daily common routes for travelling.


Another observation drawing to show the vegetation. How the jail is also surrounded by many trees. And that the inside of the jail is also full trees.