Typology Spatial Patterns and Materials Phenomenology.


The settlement is located adjacent to forest department houses in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It is connected to the  main road on one side and the other side ends at a patch of fields and a river. The settlement opens up with a large open space ‘Maidan’ in the beginning. The morphology or the arrangement of houses in this settlement does not follow any particular grid pattern and does not have any specific arrangement of houses.


The spatial configuration of the space is such that it creates spines or big open courtyards. These get created due to the orientation of the houses in particular ways.All the houses have their verandahs facing the spine or the courtyard.

This leads to a wide range of gaps between lanes, pathways and different sizes of courtyards.  Houses are built along the spine and they don't destroy anything to build something rather they build around it forming different pathways. The most evident example seen was many houses had trees coming from inside their house.

Most of the houses in this settlement are built from karvi sticks cladded with mud and cow dung. Other materials used in constructing houses are corrugated metal sheets, mangalore tiles,  bamboo, concrete and plastic as coverings. Because of the limitations created by these materials the houses do not have many openings in the walls. Hence there is a very minimal amount of natural light that enters their home.

Verandah thus,plays a major role for each and every house providing open and a well lit space for all activities like working, cooking , sleeping, studying. The verandah becomes one of the most important places in each house and it almost seems as though all verandahs are one huge social space as they are commonly used as meeting spaces as well.The type of the houses is such that they have a big multiutility space which breaks into small private room according to the needs of the family living in that particular house and have a big kitchen flanking the sides of the house.

The entire settlement has a very uncertain terrain forming different levels of steps and forcing people to constantly change the way they move.

Most of these terrains are formed by naturally existing elements such as the roots of the trees or rocks and stones.

The houses have high plinths due to several safety purposes like flooding. The animals in the settlement live together with people as well with other animal species without any hindrance. They tend to occupy spaces as per their own suitable conditions. Between 4 to 5 houses they have a common water shed space for washing and bathing

Similarly there are other storage sheds that get formed between two or three houses where they store wood for chulla and other things of daily necessity.

They use the naturally available materials in their organic form and the idea of privacy is quite absent within the inhabitants of this place. These factors make it seem like the entire settlement is just an extension of the forest.