Avantika Padalkar


In the first drawing i was observing how every floor has one room which is occupied by one family or the renters. Since their house being of just one room there isn’t much space for the storage, so people tend to keep their things around themselves using a pocket system. so for example here i’ve tried to show how they keep things in the windows. They use the windows to keep boxes, utensils to dry, sacks, clothes, etc.

In second drawing i wanted to show how some people here own the whole building. So the owner would live on the ground floor and the upper floor rooms would be occupied by the renters. Also some of them have shops on the ground floor and the owner and his/her family would live on the floor room.





Next i tried to look more into their storage spaces and how one family uses their house for the storage. Since the house being small they try to keep less things in the house so that they can have some space to move around. They put their things in the windows as i said before, but they will also use the staircase area to keep their shoes and chappals, they will use the grill near the stairs to keep grocery bags and when they want to go out they will take that bag from the grill while coming down the stairs, they will keep their dustbins outside the house under the stairs, would use space for hanging wherever they can. Also, there are these little w.c. of approximately 1.2 m length and 2 m ht. Inside their house and they would use the upper space of the toilet ceiling for the storage



This is the vegetation drawing where people here have many plants and pots in their house and in their window. They want to do more vegetation as they like to have more plants and trees but they does not have enough place for it.


The main observation i am looking at is the things happening on this site are mainly in pockets. The storages that they have are kept in pockets. The balwadi doesn’t have any shelve or cabinet which leads for stacking and hanging of bags and books. The vegetation also happens in pockets.


House storage

Stacking :

  1. Empty bottles
  2. Utensils to dry out in the window
  3. Cloth Boxes
  4. Remaining extra tailored fabrics